Arrma Typhon Body Options: 6 Most Aerodynamic Arrma Typhon Body Choices

The Arrma Typhon is a popular RC car that can be customized with a variety of different bodies. Some of the most popular Arrma Typhon body options include the Pro-Line Axis Clear Body, the JConcepts Warrior Body, the Pro-Line Fusion Clear Body, the JConcepts Renegade Body, and the Exotek Exo Body. The best body option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.
Check out 6 desirable body options for customizing the appearance and performance of your Arrma Typhon RC car.

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  • Decide where you plan to drive the Arrma Typhon – on a racing track or off-road? Aerodynamic bodies are good for tracks to provide stability at high speeds, while off-road rigs need durable bodies that can withstand obstacles and abuse. Choose accordingly.
  • Consider the aesthetic you’re going for. Body styles range from sleek, racer-style designs for on-track racing to aggressive, rugged truck styles for off-road bashing. Pick the look that aligns with how you intend to drive.
  • Before purchasing, check the dimensions and specifications of potential bodies to confirm compatibility with your specific Typhon hardware and chassis. An incompatible body won’t mount properly.
  • Research popular brands like Pro-Line, JConcepts, and Exotek that produce Typhon bodies. Pro-Line and JConcepts offer high-performance racing bodies, while Exotek focuses on extreme durability for off-roading.
  • If still uncertain about which body to select, consult experienced RC enthusiasts on forums or blogs for personalized recommendations based on your priorities and needs. This can help narrow options.

6 Best Arrma Typhon Body Options

6 Best Arrma Typhon Body Options

Here are a few popular choices for Arrma Typhon bodies, with some of their key features and visuals.

Body Option Design Style Performance Focus Special Features
Pro-Line Axis Clear Body Sleek and modern Enhanced stability for high speeds and agile cornering Futuristic design for a cutting-edge aesthetic
JConcepts Warrior Body Robust and rugged Durability for off-road adventures Aggressive appearance, perfect for an RC battle
Pro-Line Fusion Clear Body Chic and functional Improved aerodynamics for stability and precise handling Thoughtful fusion of aesthetics and functionality
JConcepts Renegade Body Stylish and dynamic Enhanced aerodynamics for improved on-track performance Sleek design, introduces a sense of speed and adventure
Exotek Exo Body Modern aesthetics with flair Functional design for improved aerodynamics Distinctive contours for a sophisticated appearance
Pro-Line Pulse Clear Body Contemporary and refined Focus on improved aerodynamics and overall performance Clean and sophisticated lines for a sleek appearance

Pro-Line Axis Clear Body

The Pro-Line Axis Clear Body is an excellent option to elevate the appearance and performance of your Arrma Typhon. Picture it as a futuristic makeover for your RC car. The body’s design is remarkably sleek and modern, giving your Typhon a cutting-edge aesthetic that stands out on the track.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Axis body isn’t just for show; it’s a functional powerhouse. As your Typhon races around, the Axis body contributes to enhanced stability, ensuring your RC car handles high speeds and turns with impressive agility. It’s like giving your Typhon a secret weapon for optimal on-track performance.

If you’re aiming for a perfect blend of style and speed, the Pro-Line Axis Clear Body is a standout choice for making your Arrma Typhon both visually stunning and a force to be reckoned with on the racing circuit.

JConcepts Warrior Body

The JConcepts Warrior Body stands out as a robust and rugged choice in the array of Arrma Typhon body options, offering a distinctive and adventurous aesthetic. Picture it as a durable suit of armor for your RC companion, tailor-made for off-road escapades. 

The Warrior Body’s design prioritizes strength and resilience, presenting a formidable appearance that communicates readiness for any RC battle. While it may deviate from the sleek lines of other bodies, it compensates with a pronounced and sturdy demeanor, suggesting that your Typhon is prepared to conquer varied terrains with unwavering toughness.

For enthusiasts seeking a visual statement that aligns with off-road prowess, the JConcepts Warrior Body introduces durability and infuses an unmistakable warrior spirit into your Typhon’s RC journey, making every adventure a bold and commanding experience.

Pro-Line Fusion Clear Body

The Pro-Line Fusion Clear Body offers a compelling blend of style and performance, presenting Arrma Typhon enthusiasts with a versatile and visually striking option. It’s akin to giving your RC car a chic and functional wardrobe upgrade. The design of the Fusion body is a thoughtful fusion, where aesthetics meet functionality seamlessly. 

Beyond its visually appealing exterior, this body serves as more than just a cosmetic enhancement. It acts like a superhero costume for your Typhon, contributing to enhanced aerodynamics that translates into improved stability and precise handling on the track.

If you’re aiming for an upgrade that not only elevates the visual appeal of your Typhon but also enhances its on-track prowess, the Pro-Line Fusion Clear Body stands out as an excellent choice, seamlessly marrying style with high-performance functionality.

JConcepts Renegade Body

The JConcepts Renegade Body emerges as a compelling and stylish option among the Arrma Typhon body choices, offering RC enthusiasts a dynamic fusion of aesthetics and functionality. It’s akin to bestowing your Typhon with a new identity, one that seamlessly blends eye-catching design with performance-enhancing features.

The Renegade body’s design is notably sleek, introducing a sense of speed and adventure to your RC car’s overall look. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this body option is not merely a visual upgrade, it serves as a contributor to improved aerodynamics, elevating the Typhon’s performance on the track.

If you seek a body that effortlessly marries a captivating appearance with tangible performance enhancements, the JConcepts Renegade Body stands out as a top-tier choice, promising an RC experience that is both visually engaging and dynamically thrilling.

Exotek Exo Body

The Exotek Exo Body stands out as a compelling option in the lineup of Arrma Typhon body choices, offering RC enthusiasts a blend of modern aesthetics and functional design innovation. It’s akin to giving your Typhon a sophisticated and contemporary makeover, transforming its appearance into something uniquely stylish.

The Exo Body’s design is distinctively crafted with contours that set it apart from the crowd, adding a touch of flair to your Typhon’s overall look. Beyond its visual appeal, this body choice is more than a cosmetic upgrade, it introduces functional enhancements. The carefully sculpted design isn’t just for show; it contributes to improved aerodynamics, potentially elevating your Typhon’s on-track performance.

If you’re in search of a body option that seamlessly integrates a modern aesthetic with tangible performance benefits, the Exotek Exo Body stands as an excellent choice, promising an RC experience that is both visually striking and dynamically advanced.

Pro-Line Pulse Clear Body

The Pro-Line Pulse Clear Body emerges as a captivating choice within the array of Arrma Typhon body options, offering RC enthusiasts a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and functional design. It’s akin to providing your Typhon with a wardrobe update that exudes modernity and style. The Pulse body’s design is characterized by its clean and sophisticated lines, imparting a refined and sleek appearance to your RC car.

However, it’s not just about the visual appeal the Pulse body is a thoughtful integration of form and function. Beyond its aesthetic enhancements, it is engineered with a focus on functionality, contributing to improved aerodynamics. This design consideration goes beyond mere looks, it can potentially elevate your Typhon’s on-track performance.

If you’re in search of a body option that seamlessly merges a modern and clean aesthetic with practical performance enhancements, the Pro-Line Pulse Clear Body stands out as an excellent choice, promising an RC experience that is not only visually captivating but also dynamically advanced.

What should you consider when choosing a body for your Arrma Typhon?

Several factors can influence your decision when choosing an Arrma Typhon body. First, consider the terrain you will be driving on. If you typically race or bash on the track, you’ll want a body that is aerodynamic and provides stability at high speeds. If you enjoy off-road driving, you’ll want a body that is durable and can withstand obstacles.

Another important consideration is the type of look you are going for. Some bodies are designed to look like racing cars, while others have a more aggressive or rugged appearance. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the body you choose is compatible with your Arrma Typhon model.

Which Arrma Typhon Body Options Are Available?

There are several different brands that offer Arrma Typhon bodies. These brands include Pro-Line, JConcepts, and Exotek.

Pro-Line Racing is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket RC bodies. They offer a wide variety of bodies for the Arrma Typhon, including the Axis, Fusion, and Pulse. These bodies are designed for high performance and feature aggressive styling.

JConcepts is another well-known brand that offers Arrma Typhon bodies. Their bodies are known for their durability and unique designs. Some of their popular Typhon bodies include the Warrior, Renegade, and Finisher.

Exotek is a smaller brand that offers a more limited selection of Arrma Typhon bodies. However, their bodies are made from high-quality materials and are designed for extreme durability. Their most popular Typhon body is the Exo Body.

Which Arrma Typhon Body Option Is Right For You?

The best Arrma Typhon body option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a high-performance body that will help you win races, a Pro-Line or JConcepts body is a good option. If you are looking for a durable body that can withstand abuse, an Exotek body is a good choice. If you are not sure which body is right for you, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced RC hobbyist.

Where To Find Arrma Typhon Body Options

If you’re looking for Arrma Typhon body options, there are various places where you can find them. Online retailers such as Amazon, AMain Hobbies, and eBay offer a wide selection of Typhon body options that you can choose from. Additionally, you can explore different body options on the ARRMA RC Forum where you can find discussions and recommendations from other RC enthusiasts.

Another great resource for finding custom body options is to check out various RC blogs where you can find unique and custom designs for your Arrma Typhon. Whether you’re looking for a specific design or want to personalize your Typhon, these sources will offer you a range of options to choose from.


Upgrade the body of your Arrma Typhon with a wide range of options available. These body options not only allow you to customize the appearance of your RC car but also improve its performance. From sleek and aerodynamic designs to rugged and durable bodies, there is something for every preference and style.

Enhance your racing experience with a new body that matches your unique needs and budget. Grab exciting offers and discounts on a variety of body options from popular brands like JConcepts and Pro-Line Racing. Transform your Arrma Typhon into a racing machine and make a statement on the track.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s find out about some questions that people often ask about Arrma Typhon body options.

1. What are the most popular body brands for the Arrma Typhon?

The most popular body brands are Pro-Line, JConcepts, and Exotek. These brands offer a wide variety of performance-focused and stylized body options to choose from.

2. What type of body is best for racing vs bashing?

For racing, you’ll want an aerodynamic body focused on high speeds and stability, like the Pro-Line Fusion. For bashing and off-road use, a heavier-duty body like the JConcepts Warrior is more durable.

3. How do I know if a body will fit my Typhon platform?

Carefully check the dimensions and specifications listed by the body manufacturer to confirm compatibility with your Typhon model’s wheelbase, width, chassis, and hardware. Also, check forum builds to see the body mounted.

4. Where are some places I can buy aftermarket bodies?

Popular retailers to find bodies include Amazon, AMain Hobbies, eBay, and directly from the manufacturer’s websites. Also, check RC discussion forums where members may sell used bodies.

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