Arrma Talion Body Options: 5 Top-Rated Body Upgrades for an Epic Experience

The Arrma Talion is a popular RC truggy with many body options available. Some of the most popular Arrma Talion body options include the pre-painted truck body, clear body with decals, Desert Militia body, Ford Raptor SVT body, and Savage XL body. Each body has its own unique features and benefits.

Check out six fantastic options in this article to alter the appearance and enhance the performance of your Arrma Talion RC car by customizing its body.

Content Highlights

  • Arrma Talion, a popular RC truggy, offers various body options beyond its pre-painted one, including clear bodies for custom designs.
  • For a personal touch, choose Arrma’s clear body, allowing creative painting and unique designs. Included decals and window masks aid customization.
  • Enthusiasts seeking realistic detail can opt for Pro-Line Desert Militia, a precision-molded, officially licensed body replicating desert trucks for an authentic scale appearance.
  • JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT body combines durability with realistic details, including an intricately molded interior, capturing the essence of the full-size desert racing truck.
  •  HPI Racing Savage XL brings a nostalgic touch to Arrma Talion, transforming it into a vintage monster with an old-school, rugged look, providing a blend of classic aesthetics and modern durability.

5 Best Arrma Talion Body Options

5 Best Arrma Talion Body Options

The Arrma Talion is a popular 1/8 scale RC truggy that is known for its durability and performance. It comes with a pre-painted and pre-trimmed body, but there are a number of aftermarket body options available as well. Here are some of the most popular Arrma Talion body options.

RC Truck Body Material Durability Realism
Pre-Painted Truck Body Flex Polycarbonate Rugged, Resists Scratches Balanced for Bashing
Arrma 1/8 Clear Body Clear Lexan Durable, Paintable User-Defined
Pro-Line Desert Militia Polycarbonate Durable, Precision Molded Realistic Scale
JConcepts Ford Raptor Polycarbonate Durable, Realistic Details Realistic Replica
HPI Racing Savage XL Polycarbonate Rugged, Vintage-Inspired Old-School Appeal

Pre-Painted Truck Body

The pre-painted truck body that comes standard with the Arrma Talion 6S BLX RC monster truck provides both visual appeal and rugged durability thanks to its construction from flexible polycarbonate plastic. This type of plastic can bend and flex on impacts rather than crack or shatter easily.

Arrma designs their stock body graphics in attractive colors with racy detailing that looks fast sitting still. Yet it remains a beast for hardcore bashing over rough terrain thanks to the resilience of polycarbonate. The nicely finished paint job isn’t just for looks either.

It helps the body panels resist scratches from branches, dirt, rocks, and tumbles better than bare plastic. This combination makes the factory-stock Talion body a great choice for playing hard or simply looking cool cruising the neighborhood. It’s ready for the track too if racing against friends sounds fun. Arrma aims for a balance of basher toughness with quality graphics that hobbyists will be proud to show off.

Arrma 1/8 Clear Body with Decals Window Mask

For those with a creative streak who want to fully customize their Arrma Talion monster truck, an unpainted 1/8 scale clear body is available. Arrma makes this polycarbonate shell blank as a blank canvas for do-it-yourself paint jobs. The clear lexan material allows light to pass through so any color hue shows true when painted from the inside.

To add style, decorative decals for the sides, hood, roof, and rear are included in the box. These stickers let you add racing sponsor logos or personal designs. Window masks are also provided to block off areas that should remain see-through like lights and cab glass. These peel-off masks enable clean definition between opaque and transparent regions when painting.

With some patience and imagination, the blank slate Talion clear body lets hobbyists create totally unique and eye-catching paint schemes all their own. The finished look will be different than anyone else’s on the trails or track. So for those who want more individuality than just stock graphics, Arrma empowers you to become an artist and give your Talion an awesome one-of-a-kind appearance.

Pro-Line Desert Militia Body

RC enthusiasts who appreciate realistic scale detail will enjoy the Pro-Line Desert Militia body tailored for the Arrma Talion platform. This officially licensed polycarbonate shell is precision molded to mimic a life-size desert truck in miniature. The style replicates rugged militaristic trucks built for combat ops rather than recreation.

Angled body panels and tubular roll cage perfectly capture real desert trucks ready for intense missions. Decorative decals add to the battle-ready persona. Because it’s an officially licensed replica made from durable polycarbonate plastic, all the mounting points align perfectly with the Talion chassis right from the box.

So hobbyists simply unscrew the stock body, bolt on the Desert Militia shell using the existing hardware, and enjoy an instantly upgraded battlefield-inspired appearance. No guessing or adjustments are needed thanks to Pro-Line’s engineering. So for Arrma Talion owners wanting more realism from scale replicas rather than stylized graphics, the Desert Militia body delivers impressive true-to-life aesthetics. Yet it retains the resilience to withstand the rigors of RC use thanks to durable materials.

JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT Body

The JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT body takes inspiration from Ford’s popular high-speed desert racing truck in full-size form. Precision molded from durable polycarbonate plastic just like the real truck’s body panels, this officially licensed shell captures the aggressive stance and styling in perfect 1/8 scale miniature. The exterior angles and vents replicate Ford’s upgraded Raptor SVT model with custom graphics reflecting upgraded performance.

But JConcepts takes the accuracy a step further by molding an incredibly detailed interior true to the real Raptor SVT cabin. Clearly visible through the clear windows are miniature seats, a steering wheel, dash controls, and even seat belt harnesses – all molded as part of the shell.

So those craving intricacy can marvel at the precision. Yet thanks to rigid polycarbonate plastic built to flex on bashes, that beautiful interior detail won’t shatter on brutal RC impacts. So whether displaying the Ford Raptor SVT body statically on a shelf or actually pounding dirt jumps with an Arrma Talion, it impresses from all angles inside and out. The factory-accurate reproduction gives Raptor fans another way to enjoy the legendary name beyond just full size.

HPI Racing Savage XL Body

For RC enthusiasts who fondly remember the monster trucks of decades past, the HPI Racing Savage XL body is a blast from the past. It bolts onto the Arrma Talion platform with pre-drilled mounting points, instantly transforming the modern truck into a vintage brute. The body shape mimics the exaggerated bulging fenders and ultra-beefy tires of tractors and heavy machinery rather than sleek racers.

This embodies the rugged, hot-rod-inspired look that defined early real-life monster trucks. The bold tractor-inspired tires with old-school 8-lug rims add genuineness. While reinventing the legacy of classic monsters, HPI also molded the Savage XL shell from resilient polycarbonate to handle present-day hardcore bashing.

So it’s a modern legend rather than a retired relic. For Talion owners craving major aggression and a timeless appeal, the Savage XL tied to RC’s roots provides an old-school monster soul with new-school durability. And with Arrma offering a range of bodies too, from this throwback beast to factory fresh modern graphics or licensed replicas, finding the perfect balance of abilities and aesthetics to match your style has never been more accessible.

How to Install and Maintain Your Arrma Talion Body

This guide covers it all comparing Talion body options and materials for customizing your truck’s aesthetics and performance. Step-by-step installation instructions, painting/decoration advice, proper cleaning and storage methods to maintain body durability, and troubleshooting common issues like cracks, poor fitting, or mount problems. Everything RC hobbyists need from start to finish when upgrading, caring for, and resolving issues with Arrma Talion bodies.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Here’s a step-by-step installation guide for an Arrma Talion body:

Step 1: Remove the old body (if applicable)

  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the body clips from the chassis.
  • Carefully lift the body off of the chassis.
  • Set the old body aside in a safe place.

Step 2: Prepare the new body

  • If the new body is pre-painted, you can skip this step.
  • If the new body is clear, apply your desired paint scheme.
  • Once the paint is dry, apply decals if desired.
  • Cut out the window masks if applicable.

Step 3: Mount the new body

  • Place the new body on the chassis.
  • Align the body post holes on the body with the body post mounts on the chassis.
  • Insert the body pins through the body post holes and into the body post mounts.
  • Secure the body pins with body clips.

Step 4: Apply finishing touches

  • Trim any excess body material.
  • Apply any additional decals or stickers.
  • Check that all of the body screws and clips are tight.

Additional tips:

  • Use a body reamer to enlarge the body post holes if necessary.
  • Use a heat gun to carefully bend the body if it doesn’t fit perfectly.
  • Apply silicone sealant around the body seams to prevent water from getting inside.

With these steps, you should be able to easily install a new body on your Arrma Talion.

Tips for Proper Body Maintenance

  • Clean your body regularly. After each run, take some time to clean your body. This will help to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can damage the paint or decals. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the body. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as these can damage the paint or decals.

  • Inspect your body for damage regularly. Before each run, take some time to inspect your body for damage. This will help to identify any cracks, chips, or other damage that could worsen over time. If you find any damage, you can repair it with epoxy or other suitable materials.

  • Protect your body from the sun. When not in use, store your body in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your body in direct sunlight, as this can fade the paint or decals.

  • Use a body reamer to enlarge the body post holes if necessary. Over time, the body post holes on your body may become worn out. If this happens, you can use a body reamer to enlarge the holes. This will help to prevent the body posts from breaking.

  • Use a heat gun to carefully bend the body if it doesn’t fit perfectly. If your body doesn’t fit perfectly on your chassis, you can use a heat gun to carefully bend it. Be careful not to bend the body too much, as this can damage it.

  • Apply silicone sealant around the body seams to prevent water from getting inside. Water can damage the paint or decals on your body. To help prevent water from getting inside, apply silicone sealant around the body seams.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some common issues you might encounter with your Arrma Talion body, along with troubleshooting tips.

Issue: Cracked or chipped body

This can be caused by a number of factors, including impact from crashes, being struck by rocks or other debris, or simply being exposed to the elements.


  1. Small cracks: For small cracks, you can use epoxy or other suitable materials to repair the damage. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly before applying the epoxy, and let it dry completely before handling the body.

  2. Large cracks or chips: For larger cracks or chips, you may need to replace the body panel altogether.

Issue: Faded paint or decals

This can be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh chemicals.


  1. Reapply paint or decals: If the paint or decals are only slightly faded, you can try reapplying them. However, if the paint or decals are severely faded, you may need to replace the body panel altogether.

  2. Protect the body from the sun: To prevent fading, store your body in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid storing your body in direct sunlight.

Issue: The body does not fit perfectly on the chassis

This can be caused by a number of factors, such as warping of the body, worn-out body post holes, or an incorrect body fit for the chassis.


  1. Warping: If the body is warped, you can try using a heat gun to carefully bend it back into shape. Be careful not to bend the body too much, as this can damage it.

  2. Worn-out body post holes: If the body post holes are worn out, you can use a body reamer to enlarge them. This will help to prevent the body posts from breaking.

  3. Incorrect body fit: If the body is not the correct fit for the chassis, you may need to replace it with a body that is the correct fit.

Issue: Body leaks water

This can be caused by cracks or gaps in the body seams.


  1. Seal the seams: Apply silicone sealant around the body seams to prevent water from getting inside.

Additional tips

  • Use a body wash specifically designed for RC car bodies to clean your body.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as these can scratch the paint or decals.
  • Apply a coat of wax or sealant to your body to help protect it from the elements.
  • Inspect your body regularly for damage, and repair any damage promptly.
  • Store your body in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Avoid storing your body in direct sunlight.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your Arrma Talion body looking its best and performing at its peak.

Why Your Rc Car’s Body Matters

When it comes to RC cars, the body is an important aspect that often gets overlooked. However, it plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics and personalizing your RC car. Your RC car’s body reflects your personal style and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your Arrma Talion, there are various body options available. You can choose from predrilled and trimmed bodies that come with all the decals and clear outer masking for easy customization. Alternatively, you can opt for clear body shells that provide the perfect opportunity for you to paint and decal your own unique color scheme.

Some popular body options for the Arrma Talion include the Proline body, Kraton body, Outcast body, and Desert Militia body. These bodies not only improve the aesthetics but also offer durability and performance.

Customizing your Arrma Talion with a new body is a great way to add a personal touch and make your RC car truly unique. Explore the various body options available and find the one that suits your style and preferences.

Considerations When Choosing a Body for Your Arrma Talion

When choosing a body for your Arrma Talion, consider options such as the predrilled and trimmed bodyshell with decals and clear outer masking, or the Granite Voltage clear bodyshell that allows for custom painting and detailing. Explore different body alternatives to personalize your Arrma Talion and stand out from the crowd.

Considerations When Choosing a Body for Your Arrma Talion: When selecting a body for your Arrma Talion, there are a few factors to consider to ensure compatibility and quality. Firstly, you want to make sure that the body you choose is specifically designed for the Talion model. This will ensure a proper fit and easy installation.

Next, consider the material options available. Popular materials for RC car bodies include polycarbonate and ABS. Polycarbonate is known for its durability and flexibility, while ABS offers a more rigid and impact-resistant option. Another factor to consider is whether you prefer a pre-painted body or a clear body. Pre-painted bodies come in various designs and colors, saving you time and effort in customizing.

On the other hand, clear bodies allow you to unleash your creativity by painting and describing your own unique design. Ultimately, the choice of the body for your Arrma Talion comes down to personal preference and style. Whether you go for a pre-painted body or opt for a clear one to unleash your creative side, make sure to choose a high-quality product that fits your vehicle perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Now, let’s find out the answers to some usual questions about Arrma Talion’s body options.

1. What body options are available for the Arrma Talion?

Arrma Talion offers diverse body choices, including a pre-painted truck body, a clear 1/8 scale body for customization, Pro-Line Desert Militia for realistic scale detail, JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT for a detailed replica, and HPI Racing Savage XL for a vintage-inspired look.

2. Can I customize the Arrma Talion’s appearance?

Yes, customization is possible. The clear body option allows hobbyists to paint and decorate their unique designs. Additionally, various aftermarket bodies cater to different preferences, from realism to vintage aesthetics.

3. What’s the advantage of choosing a clear body for the Arrma Talion?

Opting for a clear body, such as the Arrma 1/8 Clear Body, provides a blank canvas for personalization. Hobbyists can paint their designs and included decals and window masks assist in creating a distinctive look.

4. Are these body options easy to install on the Arrma Talion?

Yes, installing these bodies is typically straightforward. A step-by-step guide is often provided, involving removing the old body, preparing the new one (if clear), mounting it on the chassis, and applying finishing touches. Additional tips cover potential adjustments for a perfect fit.


When it comes to the Arrma Talion, you have a wide variety of body options to choose from. Whether you prefer a predrilled and trimmed body with decals, or you want the opportunity to customize your own unique color scheme, there is something for everyone.

From the Desert Militia to Kraton bodies, the options are endless. So why not stand out from the crowd and give your Arrma Talion a fresh new look? Explore the various body options available and let your creativity run wild.

Upgrade your Talion with a body that matches your style and take your RC experience to the next level.

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