Top 5 Arrma Mojave Body Options for Unparalleled Style and Performance

The Arrma Mojave comes with a pre-painted body, but there are many aftermarket options available. Clear body shells allow for customization, while other options improve performance or aesthetics. Popular aftermarket bodies include the Pro-Line Desert Dawg, JConcepts Desperado, Injora JCP, Sammit, and Notorious.

These body options allow for customization and personalization of the Arrma Mojave to stand out from the crowd and showcase individual artistic skills. In this article, we’ll discuss the Arrma Mojave Body Options. So, read on. 

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  • Upgrading your Arrma Mojave body shell enhances the appearance of your RC truck, allowing you to stand out and make a unique statement in the crowd.
  • Beyond style, these body shells also contribute to increased durability and strength for your RC truck, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures.
  • With various designs and colors available, you can personalize your Arrma Mojave to match your preferences, creating a customized look that suits your taste.
  • Opting for high-quality body shells, such as clear options that provide a canvas for personalization, ensures a sturdy and visually appealing appearance for your Mojave.
  • When selecting a body shell, consider your driving style, whether you prioritize durability for hardcore bashing or aerodynamics for speed and handling. Choosing a body that aligns with your driving preferences enhances overall performance.

Why Upgrade Your Arrma Mojave Body Shell?

Upgrade your Arrma Mojave body shell to enhance the look of your RC truck. With various body options available, you can customize your ride to stand out from the crowd and make a unique statement. These body shells not only add style to your truck but also increase its durability and strength. Choose from different designs and colors to suit your preferences and create a personalized look.

Whether you prefer a bug/beetle body or other aftermarket options, there are plenty of choices to explore. Make sure to check out online retailers like Amazon for a wide selection of Arrma Mojave body options. Transform your RC truck into a head-turning powerhouse with a new body shell that reflects your individuality.

Arrma Mojave Body Options: Best High-Quality Body Shells

The Arrma Mojave is a 1/7 scale brushless RTR (Ready to Run) bash truggy that is known for its speed, durability, and extreme bashing capability. The Mojave comes with a pre-painted body that is both stylish and durable. However, there are several aftermarket body options available for the Mojave, which can give you a different look or improve performance.

If you’re looking for the best high-quality body shells for your Arrma Mojave, there are plenty of options to choose from. One popular choice is clear body shells, which provide a perfect canvas for your unique design. With a clear body shell, you have the freedom to personalize and customize your Mojave to reflect your style and personality.

Additionally, there are aftermarket body options available that allow you to explore a wide range of choices. 

5 Aftermarket Body Options for Arrma Mojave

5 Arrma Mojave Body Options

Here are some of the most popular aftermarket body options for the Arrma Mojave.




Pro-Line Desert Dawg



JConcepts Desperado



Injora JCP



Sammit Short Course



Notorious Trophy Truck



Pro-Line Desert Dawg

This performance-focused body from Pro-Line is engineered for improved aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. It features a low-profile, wedge-shaped front end to allow air to flow over the body smoothly and reduce drag. The side skirts are designed to sit closer to the tires, improving airflow around the truck.

A lower center of gravity, sloped rear end, and optimally positioned body posts all contribute to enhanced handling and responsiveness. Made from durable .040″ polycarbonate, the Desert Dawg also incorporates strategically placed ridges and reinforcements for strength without adding weight. For RC drivers wanting max speed and control, this Pro-Line body is an exceptional choice.

JConcepts Desperado

JConcepts built the Desperado body for maximum durability and bashing resistance. It starts with an extra thick .080″ polycarbonate shell that can absorb major impacts without cracking or deforming. Reinforced areas are added to high-stress zones like the front grille, roof, and rear bed to further bolster protection.

more The uniquely shaped wheel wells and running boards act as skid plates to prevent body damage from rolled landings or side scrapes. Pre-cut body post slots, oversized bumpers, and numerous attachment points give you flexibility while ensuring a secure fit. Durable polycarbonate windows and menacing graphics complete the package. For relentless RC bashers, the JConcepts Desperado offers premium fortification.

Injora JCP Body

This polycarbonate body from Injora provides unmatched customization with its wide range of vivid color and graphic options. Choose from bright fluorescent hues like lime green, blaze orange, electric blue, and sunny yellow to create a radical custom look. Bold graphic styles like splattered paint effects, sweeping performance stripes, and modern abstract patterns further allow you to style your truck distinctively.

For realism, add decals with bullet holes, blood spatter, painted pinup girls, or Metal Mulisha designs. Interior details like a printed roll cage, driver figure, and dash panels amp up realism. Made from durable .080” Lexan, the body flexes to absorb impacts but retains its shape. With its unrivaled range of colors and graphics, this body makes a bold styling statement.

Sammit Short Course Body

This Sammit body authentically transforms your truck into a 1/10 scale short course racer. The precisely engineered short course body styling is modeled after full-size Pro 2 and Pro 4 racers, sharing their visual drama. Sweeping fender flares, strong character lines, and a muscular stance evoke the power of short-course trucks.

Vibrant sponsor decals and paint schemes replicate the flashy graphics of real short-course teams. A detailed interior with a molded driver figure, steering wheel, and roll cage reinforces the race truck theme. Made from tough .125” Lexan, it’s reinforced with extra ribs to handle rough tracks. This officially licensed body lets you experience short-course racing with incredible realism.

Notorious Trophy Truck Body

Paying tribute to Baja 1000 trophy trucks, this body from Notorious delivers incredible scale realism. The precisely sculpted proportions and details mirror modern 1:1 trophy trucks. Swept fenders, aggressive frontal styling, and spare tires capture their dramatic silhouettes. Vibrant paint and livery decals replicate real race truck graphics.

An opening hood reveals a detailed V8 engine, while the interior contains a driver figure, roll cage, and dash details. Made from durable .125” Lexan, it’s reinforced for rigidity and strength. Working LED lights in the bumper and roof add stunning nighttime realism. With unbeatable detailing inside and out, this body fully immerses you in trophy truck racing excitement.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Body Shell for Your Arrma Mojave

Arrma Mojave Body Shell

Here are some tips for choosing the right body shell for your Arrma Mojave with several points:

Consider Your Style and Preferences

When choosing a body shell for your Arrma Mojave, it’s important to consider your style and preferences. Think about the look you want for your RC car and the design that appeals to you. Consider different colors, patterns, and themes that match your taste. This will ensure that you are happy with the appearance of your Mojave.

Ensure Compatibility

Before purchasing a body shell, make sure it is compatible with your specific Arrma Mojave model. Different Mojave models may have slightly different body dimensions, so double-checking the compatibility will guarantee a proper fit. Check the product description or manufacturer’s website to see if the body shell is recommended for your Mojave model.

Choose High-Quality Materials

Opt for body shells made from high-quality materials, such as polycarbonate or lexan, as they offer durability and resilience to impacts. Additionally, look for body shells that are well-constructed and properly finished, ensuring a sturdy and visually appealing appearance. Research user reviews and product descriptions to find body shells that are known for their quality and longevity.

Consider Your Driving Style

If you drive aggressively and crash frequently, you’ll want an extremely durable body that can withstand abuse. Look for heavy-duty shells made from thick Lexan plastic, ideally around .080″ to .125″, with extra bracing in high-impact areas. Features like additional body posts, bumpers, and skid plates also add protection. Premium bash bodies from Pro-Line, JConcepts, and STRC should handle harsh bashing conditions.

Think About Performance

On the flip side, racers and high-speed runners need bodies that are sleek and aerodynamic. Prioritize a smooth exterior and low-profile, wedge-shaped design to reduce drag and improve stability at speed. Performance shells are made as lightweight as possible while still being durable. For maximum traction, get a body that matches your truck’s width and has sides that sit close to the tires.

Set a Budget

Shop around to find body options that fit your budget. Lower-cost shells ($50-$100) from HPI and Duratrax offer good value. Higher-end bodies from Pro-Line and JConcepts ($100-$200) have more details and finer craftsmanship. Premium race bodies can cost over $200 but deliver maximum performance. Set a realistic budget and look for sales to score deals.

Read Reviews

Before you buy, read reviews of bodies from other Arrma Mojave owners. This helps you learn if other people had problems or were happy with the body. See what they say about how it fits if it’s good quality, and how it handles crashes. Reviews give you important info to pick the best body.

Consider Professional Installation

Putting on a new body can be tricky. You have to cut it to fit and mount it just right. If you don’t know how you might mess it up. Then it won’t fit right or last as long. Think about having a pro install it instead. At your local hobby shop or online, you can pay an expert to put on the body perfectly. This makes sure your Mojave is ready to drive fast or bash hard with the new body on the right.

Additionally, you can also read different body options of Losi Baja Rey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s find out some common questions about Arrma Mojave.

How Fast Is the Arrma Mojave?

The Arrma Mojave is an incredibly fast RC truck, capable of reaching speeds of over 60 mph out of the box. With its powerful 6S BLX motor and optimized gearing, the Mojave can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just a few seconds. The truck’s impressive speed is further enhanced by its durable construction and advanced suspension system, which allows it to handle rough terrain with ease.

How Long Is the Arrma Mojave?

The Arrma Mojave is a 1/7 scale desert truck that is 38.5 inches (980mm) long. It is one of the largest and most powerful RC cars on the market, and it is capable of reaching speeds of over 50 mph. The Mojave is also very durable, and it can handle the toughest terrain. It is a great choice for RC enthusiasts who are looking for a powerful and durable car that can handle any terrain.

What Are Some Aftermarket Body Options for the Arrma Mojave?

There are various aftermarket body options available for the Arrma Mojave, such as bug/beetle bodies, Pro-Line Desert Dawg, JConcepts Desperado, Injora JCP, etc.


Discovering the perfect body option for your Arrma Mojave just got easier. With a wide array of choices available, you can customize and personalize your vehicle like never before. Whether you’re in the mood for a bug/beetle body or something unique, the possibilities are endless.

Stand out from the crowd and showcase your artistic skills by decorating your clear bodyshell. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your Arrma Mojave truly one-of-a-kind.

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