Explore 5 Exciting Arrma Fireteam Body Options for RC Enthusiasts

The Arrma Fireteam is an RC buggy that has a variety of body options. The stock body is made from Lexan polycarbonate and is pre-painted. The clear body is unpainted and allows for customization. Realistic shells are also available, and they replicate the look of real-world trucks. Buggy bodies are designed for racing and have big rear wings for downforce. Lizard bodies are unique and have scales and a forked tongue.

This article is all about the Arrma Fireteam body options. Keep reading to learn more.

Content Highlights

  • The Arrma Fireteam RC buggy comes with various body choices. Each option has unique features to change its appearance and performance.
  • The default body that comes with the Fireteam is made of strong material. It has a realistic design, bright colors, and features like scoops and spoilers. This body is great for racing and offers protection.
  • If you want a personal touch, there’s a clear body option. You can paint it yourself, creating unique designs. It maintains aerodynamic performance and durability like the stock body.
  • For those wanting a realistic look, there are bodies replicating real trucks. Buggy bodies are for a more competitive appearance. Both enhance aerodynamics and performance.
  • Some bodies offer unique themes like lizards or crocodiles. They add a creative touch to the Fireteam, making it stand out on the track or trail.

5 Best Body Options for Arrma Fireteam

5 Best Arrma Fireteam Body Options

The Arrma Fireteam is a popular 1/10 scale 4WD RC buggy that comes ready to run out of the box. While the stock body provides great performance, one of the best things about the Fireteam is the wide variety of body options available to customize the look of your buggy. Here is an overview of some of the most popular body choices for the Arrma Fireteam.

Body Option


Key Features


Stock Body

Lexan polycarbonate

Realistic buggy shape, pre-painted, scoops/vents/spoilers

Great looks, aerodynamics, protection

Clear Body

Lexan polycarbonate

Unpainted, clear

Custom paint schemes/designs

Realistic Shells


Licensed Ford, Chevy, and Toyota bodies

Scale realism, mini monster truck look

Buggy Bodies


Streamlined, rear wings, vents

Aggressive race looks, improved performance

Lizard Body


Scales, tongue, reptile eyes

Unique lizard theme/look

Stock Body

The body that comes standard with the Arrma Fireteam RTR (ready-to-run) model is made from Lexan polycarbonate plastic. This material is known for being very durable yet flexible, which is important for RC car bodies that need to withstand crashes and bumps.

The stock Fireteam body features a realistic dune buggy or trophy truck shape, complete with scoops, vents, spoilers, and other details to mimic full-size off-road racers. The body is pre-painted in bright colors and professionally trimmed and finished so it looks great right out of the box.

The stock body is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and improve high-speed stability. The scoops help direct airflow for cooling while the rear spoiler creates downforce. The durable Lexan material protects all of the electronics and components inside from rocks, dirt, and other off-road hazards. Overall, the stock Fireteam body is a great choice for bashing and racing thanks to its realistic looks, performance, and protection.

Clear Body

For RC drivers who want to customize the looks of their Fireteam even further, Arrma makes clear, unpainted bodyshells. The clear Lexan construction allows racers to paint the body themselves and come up with their unique color schemes and designs.

Many RC enthusiasts paint the clear Fireteam bodies to replicate the flashy graphics and look of real-life trophy trucks and desert buggies used in off-road racing leagues like the Baja 1000. Others use the clear body as a canvas to create wild airbrushed paintings or neon colors and designs.

The clear body still provides the same aerodynamic performance and durability as the stock shell. The benefit is that drivers can create a one-of-a-kind painted body that reflects their personality and style. A custom-painted clear body is a great way to make your Fireteam stand out at the RC track or trail.

Realistic Shells

Several aftermarket companies offer incredibly realistic truck bodies that fit the Arrma Fireteam chassis. These highly detailed bodies replicate the look of popular real-world pickup trucks and SUVs for an ultra-scale appearance.

Some of the most popular realistic shells include officially licensed bodies modeled after the Ford F-150 and Raptor, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tacoma. The bodies are precision molded to match the iconic styling of the full-size vehicles with the same grilles, headlights, badging, fenders, and other details.

Mounting one of these realistic shells is an easy way to transform your Fireteam from a racing buggy into a miniaturized monster truck or trophy truck. The realistic detailing gives the impression of driving a 1:1 scaler, allowing RC enthusiasts to emulate their favorite real-world trucks in miniature form.

Buggy Bodies

For a more competition-inspired look, various aftermarket companies produce performance composite buggy bodies designed to fit the Fireteam platform.

These buggy bodies swap the realistic truck styles for an aggressive race-ready appearance better suited for RC tracks. Popular options include the Pro-Line Pro-2 buggy body as well as lightweight bodies from other brands like JConcepts and RPM.

The streamlined shapes reduce drag while big rear wings and splitters provide extra downforce for hard cornering. Vents and cutouts also aid aerodynamics. The buggy shells give the Fireteam a menacing demeanor, perfect for hardcore RC racing and bashing.

Lizard and Reptile Bodies

RC enthusiasts wanting a unique reptilian look for their Arrma Fireteam buggy have some cool options like the licensed 1975 Chevy Blazer C10 Lizard body by Traxxas. This shell retains the iconic Blazer shape but is transformed into a horned lizard through molded-in scales, a forked front tongue, and sinister yellow eyes.

The blend of classic truck styling with creative reptile details gives the Fireteam an eye-catching lizard theme ready for off-road action. For an even more imposing prehistoric appearance, Pro-Line’s Monster Lizard Croc body is intricately designed with textured crocodile skin, protruding claws, a giant fanged grille, dorsal ridges, and a spiked tail.

This menacing crocodile disguise gives the impression of an ancient armored racing beast, providing Fireteam owners with a radically reptilian and fierce-looking option that stands out at the track or trail.

Why Choose the Right Body for Your Arrma Fireteam Matters

  • Performance: The right body can significantly impact the way your RC monster truck handles. It improves aerodynamics and reduces drag, allowing for better control and maneuverability.
  • Protection: A durable and well-designed body can extend the lifespan of your RC monster truck by preventing premature wear and tear.
  • Aesthetics: A body that suits your style can transform your Arrma Fireteam and make it look its best.

Choosing the Right Body for Your Arrma Fireteam

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a body for your Arrma Fireteam:

  • Compatibility: The body you choose must be compatible with the Arrma Fireteam. Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility information.
  • Material: The body should be made from a durable material like polycarbonate.
  • Weight: The body should be lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down your truck.
  • Style: Choose a body that you find visually appealing.
  • Aerodynamics: A body with a sleek design will reduce drag and improve speed.

Once you have considered these factors, you can narrow down your choices and choose the body that is right for you.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing A Body for Your Arrma Fireteam

Arrma Fireteam Body

When choosing a body for your Arrma Fireteam, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to consider the weight and material of the body. The weight and material can have a significant impact on the speed and handling of your vehicle. Lighter bodies can improve acceleration and maneuverability, while heavier bodies may provide more stability.

Durability and resilience are important factors to consider as well. You want a body that can withstand rough terrain and crashes without breaking or cracking. Look for bodies made from durable materials like polycarbonate.

Aerodynamics and design also play a role in the performance of your Arrma Fireteam. Bodies with sleek, aerodynamic designs can reduce drag and improve overall speed and performance.

Of course, aesthetics and visual appeal are important as well. Choose a body that you find visually appealing and suits your style.

It is crucial to ensure that the body you choose is compatible with the Arrma Fireteam specifications. Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility information.

Finally, make sure you properly fit and install the body to ensure it is secure and does not affect the performance of your Arrma Fireteam. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Arrma Fireteam Body Options: Installing the Body

[Video Credit: @PurpleRC]

Installing the body on your Arrma Fireteam is a relatively straightforward process. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the body is installed properly.

  1. Remove the old body, if necessary.
  2. Clean and inspect the chassis to ensure no obstructions or damage could interfere with the installation process.
  3. Align the new body with the chassis and secure it with screws or clips.
  4. Make sure that the body is properly secured and does not move around when the truck is in motion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s find out about some usual questions about Arrma Fireteam body options.

1. How Fast Does the Arrma Fireteam Go?

The Arrma Fireteam RC car can go up to 55 miles per hour (89 kilometers per hour) on a 4S battery, and up to 75 miles per hour (121 kilometers per hour) on a 6S battery. However, the actual speed of your Arrma Fireteam will depend on several factors, including the weight of the car, the type of terrain you are driving on, and the wind conditions.

2. What Scale Is the Fireteam?

The Arrma Fireteam is a 1/7 scale RC monster truck. This means that it is approximately 1/7th the size of a real monster truck. The Fireteam is a very large and powerful RC car, and it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

3. How Much Does the Arrma Fireteam Body Weigh?

The weight of an Arrma Fireteam body depends on the specific body option chosen. The stock body weighs around 250 grams, while aftermarket body shells can weigh anywhere from 200 to 350 grams.


To customize your Arrma Fireteam and make it truly unique, there are plenty of body options available. Whether you want a clear body to add your own personal touch or prefer body skins like “Desert Warrior” or “Zombie,” the possibilities are endless.

These alternatives allow you to express your style while still enjoying the exceptional stability and lightning-fast speed of the Fireteam. Check out online retailers like Amazon, AMain Hobbies, and eBay to find the perfect body option for your Arrma Fireteam.

Upgrade your RC experience with a new body and unleash your creativity!

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